Rullgardin (Rollers-AS)

Blinds that create the desired effect, with an outstanding range of different fabrics.

 The blind will be a very affordable alternative for an outstanding effect and excellent results. Like the sibling SPOlrullgardinen, you can find several options for this system.

 The fabrics vary from being blackout to having light transmission. With an aluminized backing, the fabrics can reflect up to 83% sun reflection. For best results and quality, 

The blinds are attached with steel brackets and have an aluminum profile as an option for baseboards. 800-4500mm width. 600-6500mm height 

Available pipe dimensions: -44 mm -> 160 mm. 

Bottom list options: - Round aluminum profile - Rectangular aluminum profile - Sew-in fold with 16mm round bar / plastic rod - Sew-in fold with 18mm round bar / plastic rod 

Color - Optional RAL Color 

Control options: - ball chain -  

Engine For automation, 

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