Rollerblind motorised/ SPO-AS

(SPO-AS) SPO is a larger version of blinds that can shield larger areas. The aluminum tube is driving and has a free-hanging cloth with a bottom strip. Alecto`s SPO extends a long way beyond the ordinary, 

With pipe sizes from 38mm-160mm diameter, the SPO system covers areas up to 45m2. In addition to this, the systems can be linked together with a hexagonal link. With this option, a motor can run up to 8 SPO systems. 

Then the maximum area will be up to 96m2. 800-5000mm width. 600-8500mm height 

Available tube dimensions: -44 mm -> 160 mm. 

Bottom list options: - Round aluminum profile - Rectangular aluminum profile - Sewn-in fold with round bar

 Color - Optional RAL Color Control options: -Engine Automatic control (engine only) 

- App control, - Z-wave adjustment - Remote control, handheld & wall mounted - Solar automated, Scenario setting, Wind automation, Rain automation - KNX

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