Swedish sunshadingsystems for Facades, Roof & Acustics     

 quality and precision

* We manufacture Swedish quality and swedish made systems, to be able to provide systems after your needs.

* Thanks to our own production we can guarentee long live systems.


* We collaberate with Europe´s largest clothmanufacture so that we can provide a gigantic amount of alternatives.          

5 years warrenty

* Thanks to our own manufacturing we provide the quality you disire  

* We provide 5 years warrenty since we trust our products

 * Futhermore we have longer warrenty for some of our systems.

special made sunshading

Healthy alternative 

* We are with you from the beginning with:

-  Drawing and suggestion to the project

-  Documentation and argumentation

-  energy calculation

- price information and calculation

- manufacture after your needs

- installation for complete touch

* We stand with you thru your whole journey!

* Alecto Provide smart solutions for your special needs

* With estethic design and professional Instruments we take initative to adapt our systems after your ability

 *Fabrics with B1 & B2

*Fabrics with 0% climate touch

* Fabrics with 85% reflection



     Information, questions or quotation

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